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3 Pieces African Bath Sponge African Net Long Net Bath Sponge Exfoliating Shower Body Scrubber Back Scrubber Skin Smoother,Great for Daily Use (Pink,Yellow,Purple)

3 Pieces African Bath Sponge African Net Long Net Bath Sponge Exfoliating Shower Body Scrubber Back Scrubber Skin Smoother,Great for Daily Use (Pink,Yellow,Purple)

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  • 【99.99% african net sponge】A total of seven colors of bath sponge,sufficient enough for you to share with families and take them as a substitution; Note: slight fading is normal at first and will not fade after several uses, please soak the product in hot water for 15 minutes before use
  • 【Good rebound and stretch】The african net sponge is approx. 11.8 inches/ 30 cm in width, 31.4 inches/ 80 cm in length, and it is elastic and stretchable that will be longer after being stretched, great for washing all areas of the body without dead corner including the back, hands and feet. Makes a gifts for women.
  • 【Better quality material】Our long bath net sponge is made of safe and reliable New type nylon materials, which is sturdy and reliable and reliable for long time using, Light but very powerful and also strong soap lathering, washing machine friendly, and dry quickly due to its porous nature, providing a more clean and enjoyable bathing experience.
  • 【More efficient cleaning】The exfoliating body net is rougher than a ordinary bathing cloth, but soft enough for daily body cleansing.easy for removing dead skin, dirt, oil, and eliminating impurities, unclogging pores, suitable for women and men of most ages to use
  • 【Versatile Usage】 Unlike traditional sponges, it can be easily cut and customized to meet your specific needs, giving you a tailored cleaning experience. Not only does it excel in the bath, but with its abrasive texture and resilient construction, the African Net Sponge is equally suited for kitchen household cleaning tasks, scrubbing pots and pans and wiping down countertops.

Product Description

1 High Quality Nylon 2 Experts In Exfoliation 3 Improve Your Efficiency 4 Very Good Elasticity 5 Improve Your Skin
  1. UJFQBH —— Provide Better Body Care

    Let Your Body Relax After A Hard Day's Work

    “These are great. Awesome that you get three so you can either share with friends or you can rotate yours around so they dry well. Also great that they don't get moldy like loofahs do (gross). These nets work really well if you have those terrible keratin bumps, dry or flaky skin, or if you are trying to get off some stubborn mud/stains on your bod. Just add water and soap, scrub well, then rinse and hang it out to dry. ”

    - Lovely, exfoliating little nets!

  2. Very Smooth To Use, Just The Right Length

    At First It Was Rough On My Skin But A Couple Uses Later I Got Used To It

    “I feel so clean. I just finished taking a shower and I feel scrubbed raw and clean because of the exfoliating factors in the net. Amazing because I hate feeling unclean due to the lack of exfoliating traits in wash clothes or loofahs. I guess for me, if my skin isn’t red, I’m not clean. But it’s really not as rough as I make it sound, I just scrub really hard to feel super clean and it definitely does the job!”

    - So, so clean!

  3. Everyone Deserves It

    Very Easy To Produce Rich Foam

    “This is hands down my most favorite recent purchase. I don’t think I’ve ever left a review on Amazon but I just need everyone to know that these are AMAZING! I used one last night in the shower and my skin is soooo soft. I love that it comes with 3 in a pack and I also received a little mesh bag so I can hang it in the shower to dry or bring it along in my bag. Happy customer!!”

    - What are you waiting for? GET THIS!!!

  4. These sponges are durable

    Soft Enough For Everyday Showers

    “I like it. It's a solid material that's great for exfoliating but still soft on your skin. I'm able to wash my whole back more easily now. These are definitely replacing wash cloths from here on out.”

    - Skin soft like butter

I learned about this product from the recommendations of celebrities, I heard that the exfoliation effect is good.

this african exfoliating net recently very hot, The exfoliating effect is also very good!

Can this african net be used directly on the body without adding water or anything else?

Yes BUT I’d highly suggest you already soak it in water and try exfoliating without soap first time, then go in the second time WITH soap to exfoliate again. I just do both time with soap and use different kinds of soaps for each step.

I exercise every day, will it have an effect if I use african exfoliating net every day?

african exfoliating net texture is rough, I do not recommend you to use it every day, you can use it twice a week.

Is this gentle enough to use on your face?

our african exfoliating net is made of high quality nylon material with rough texture, it can effectively exfoliate, if you want to use it on your face, you need to use a gentle force.

Can you use it directly after purchase?

we recommend that you soak in hot water for 15 minutes before using.


naturally made with natural dye. made with ♥️ from Pakistan 🇵🇰

How to use

wash it, wear it, embrace it
embroidery & screen print


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